+friday night flashback: the klf+

Oh dear Lordy. Remember The KLF? A couple months back, there was a thread on the U2 board I sometimes frequent, reminiscing about this bizarre group and generally praising their music. I myself owned The White Room on cassette. I never liked any of the songs besides the singles, but The KLF sure could write hits. They seem quaint now, but make no mistake, The KLF were huge in 1991, with three singles in the UK top ten and an album that debuted at number 1 (nearly equal success followed in the US). Upon further inspection, though, these musicians were a bit on the extreme side (read here). The KLF were like a bizarre, ancient, futuristic tribe that just happened to be making dance music. To be quite honest, their music and videos still leave us with more questions than answers. What was up with those blue robes? Why did Tammy Wynette do a duet with them? Who are the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu? What does 3 a.m. have to do with eternity? And did cell phones really used to be that big?

Find the answers yourself, if you can. I present to you “3 A.M. Eternal” by The KLF, from the album The White Room (1991).


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on October 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “+friday night flashback: the klf+”

  1. Hey Jennifer– I’ve started listening to Rakim in your honor.

  2. I am, indeed, honored by this gesture.

    Let the rhythm hit ’em, and don’t sweat the technique.

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