+friday night flashback: lucas+

Yeah, I know, I haven’t been blogging much. My life is no different than most other people’s–hectic. Things have been crazy, but I promise I’m still dedicated to ye olde blogge, even if it’s only on Friday nights for a while.

Tonight’s Friday Night Flashback is one I’m not sure many people would even remember. It was a one-hit wonder back in the 90s, and even then, it wasn’t all that much of a hit. Perhaps if you watched a fair amount of MTV you’ll remember seeing the video for “Lucas with the Lid Off.” The song is catchy as all get out and features a video filmed all in one continuous take. Like many FNFs, I’m not sure why I was thinking of this song. I do remember that as a senior in high school, I was in charge of making the mix tape that my basketball team played over the loudspeakers during warm-ups. God bless you, Coach Hendrix, for having the courage and the sense of humor to let me pick out the music and play it loud in front of a large number of people.  (I wish I could remember the other songs on there…I’m sure the playlist would be quite thought-provoking/embarrassing/hilarious/dated.) Everyone on the team loved the song, though most of the girls had never heard it before. It’s a song that makes you feel all bouncy and happy inside, and I still like it. The video is fun to watch and a bit silly, but it matches the tune. Hope everyone enjoys it, even those hearing it for the first time.

“Lucas with the Lid Off” by Lucas, from the album Lucacentric (1994).


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on November 9, 2007.

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