+late to the party: in rainbows+

in Rainbows

Last Thursday I finally picked up Radiohead’s In Rainbows, in tangible form, at my local shop. I know most people downloaded it long ago, but I just never got around to it, perhaps because I always knew deep down I wanted an actual CD. Somehow, I also managed to stay away from any reviews or fan opinions of the album between its online release and now, so when I listened to it, I was on my own. I gave it a spin today, and here are my initial thoughts.

  • It’s perfect for fans of later Radiohead (though “Bodysnatchers” could well find a home on Pablo Honey), especially people who liked Thom’s solo album.
  • I could do without the cover. It looks like my cat photoshopped it.
  • I liked finally hearing a studio version of “Nude,” but I was disappointed in the lyrics that made this cut. What happened to the girl and the sex? I liked that because it was so not Radiohead’s style, which is I guess why it’s gone.
  • “15 Step” is a catchy opener, much like “Everything in Its Right Place” was.
  • My early favorite from the album is “All I Need.” It’s anthemic and big on sound toward the end, which is where I find Radiohead to be at their best. “Videotape” would be my second favorite, even though it made me think of the theme song from The Young and the Restless. A very pretty closer.
  • That’s all from my first listen. I’m sure it will grow on me, and I’m confident a couple of the songs will become some of my all-time favorite Radiohead tunes.


    ~ by Jennifer Cunningham on January 6, 2008.

    3 Responses to “+late to the party: in rainbows+”

    1. did you d/l it before the physical distribution? I picked up mine 2 weeks ago. I gave it an 7.5/10 it’s something new but not entirely different from their last 3 albums. but there is some form of distinguished layers to it that make it sound the usual Radiohead imprint.

    2. Agreed to everything you’ve written here. Definitely new ground, but not so far from the old sounds of Kid A, Amnesiac, and HTTT.

      I waited until I could buy the actual CD to get it and listen to it. Saved a little money that way by not buying it twice. 🙂

    3. crap, I went straight to reading the 3rd paragraph and skipped the 1st. my bad.. t’was the same for me. I did go to the inrainbows.com site but it was downtime (probably too many people wanted free samples) until I forgot about it eventually.

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