I didn’t post a Friday Night Flashback last night because…I’m stuck in a rut of sorts, and this rut is directly influencing my lack of blogging about music. The past few months, I feel uninspired by music. I’ve only purchased one album since October, In Rainbows, which I’ve listened to all of three times, and there just isn’t anything at all holding my interest in the music world. The only album on my wishlist is the ‘new’ Stereophonics, which seems as if it will never be released in the U.S., and for which I am unwilling to pay the money to import it. Other than that, there’s nothing I’m really looking forward to musically. I’m just feeling very blah about it all.  When the only thing I can think to post on my blog is old videos, something is not right.

After talking to my music therapist (read: boyfriend) about this, we’ve come up with a theory. It seems aeons since I last bought an album by a new artist. Most of the albums I buy are releases by bands who’ve been around forever and whose music I’ve been listening to forever. They’re growing old, and I’m growing old, and there’s not much that’s inspiring about that. So the remedy for now is that I need to get into some new music. I find that daunting, considering the state of music right now. It falls into three camps for me: teenybopper pop/rock/emo artists (some good, some bad), horrific new school rap, and too cool for school indie music that isn’t really any good or very interesting. And so the conundrum remains, where am I to find some new music in this barren landscape of drivel? My only hope right now seems to be my Sirius satellite radio, where I have at my disposal a large assortment of channels playing new music. I’m not too hopeful, though, because all I want to listen to there is the trance channel and the old school rap channel.

Alright, I’m rambling. But I felt I had to vent this music-related frustration of mine to whatever few people remain who are reading my blog, which has lost all its momentum since my original blog died. So if you’re out there, and you’ve got some new music for me, please leave a kind word and tell me where I can find it. The quest begins here and now.


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on February 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “+lament+”

  1. Hey, Cunningham. Have you listened to Maria Taylor? Or Magnolia Electric Co.? They are some of my new faves.

  2. Also! Rainer Maria is excellent.

  3. I’ve listened to Magnolia Electric Co. and really liked them, but I haven’t heard the other two. I’ll definitely check them out, esp. MEC. I’m desperate for some new tunes. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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