+friday night flashback: secret machines+

Earlier this week, I woke up singing a Secret Machines song. This inspired me to listen to both of their albums at various points during my commute this past week. And while I was listening to Now Here Is Nowhere, I just kept thinking, Damn. This is a great first album. I thought back to when I saw them play on Halloween night a couple years back. They sounded terrific. Why shouldn’t I honor them with a Friday Night Flashback?

Of course I had to flashback to the song that started it all for me and lots of other fans. The video is both dark and flashy (literally), and because you can barely make out the faces of the guys in the band, you’re forced to actually listen to the music. And the music is good. Love the drummer, love the vocals, love the lyrics, love the harmony, love the ending, love the song. If you have any of their albums, dig them out and give ’em a spin. You’ve missed them.

Here is “Nowhere Again” by Secret Machines, from their album Now Here Is Nowhere (2004).


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on May 23, 2008.

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