+people in planes: pretty buildings+

I saw recently on Rate Your Music that People in Planes are about to release the follow-up to their excellent debut, As Far as the Eye Can See…. Hooray! For those who may not have heard of them, People in Planes are a beautifully noisy rock band from Wales. I was first introduced to them by their live show; my friend Stephanie and I went to see Blue October, and People in Planes were opening up. Honestly, PIP put on a better show than Blue October, and Stephanie left the venue swearing that she had a new favorite band. They were crazy on stage, and their musical talent could not be denied. As soon as I could, I picked up As Far as the Eye Can See…, and I was not disappointed. For a debut album, it was incredibly polished while still keeping true to the raw sounds we had heard live.

And so today I went surfing around the ‘net, looking for info on their next album, Beyond the Horizon. From what I gather, the release is not today or tomorrow as I had originally read, but rather September 9. There’s no cover art to be found, but there is a tracklisting on PIP’s official site. Better yet, though, there is a single with a video to go along. Let me just say, I am impressed with this band yet again, and I cannot wait for this record to come out.

So here, for your enjoyment, is “Pretty Buildings” by People in Planes. I think you will like it.


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on June 24, 2008.

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  1. […] had a feeling about this record from the moment I heard the first single, “Pretty Buildings.” They have only gotten better on this record, which is only their second. The music, especially the […]

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