I will admit straightway that this post has nothing to do with music, but if blogs aren’t meant to document stuff like this, then I don’t know what they’re for.

Last Tuesday, July 8, my boyfriend (Matt) and I went for a walk in my hometown. As we passed by the college football stadium, I noticed a fuzzy orange thing on the ground. “What is that?” I pointed, and Matt went over to investigate. Snuggled up next to the concrete at the bottom of a fence post were two little, dirty kittens–one orange, one calico. As soon as Matt walked over, they began mewing and wobbled over to him. After much debating and waiting (at a distance) for a mother cat to show up, we decided to take them home. They were so tiny and obviously not properly cared for, so we figured the best chance they had would be to come home with us.

Exhibit A: The new babies, all clean and fast asleep

Because they were so young, we spent some time on the Internet looking up how to take care of such young orphaned babies. Late Tuesday night we went shopping for some kitten formula, a kitten bottle, and other needful items. We stayed up late feeding them by hand, but it was fun and worth it.

As it turns out, the very next morning I was scheduled to take my mom’s bulldog to the vet for a shot, so Matt and I packed up the kittens and took them in for a visit too. The vet confirmed what we already suspected: the kitties are about three weeks old, with the orange one being a male and the calico being a female. He said they had fleas but were otherwise healthy, and he gave us some instructions on how to take care of them.

So the past few days have been busy! We feed them four to five times a day, and we’re working hard on some early litter box training. We’ve named the girl Matilda, but the orange boy…well, we can’t really decide. We’ve gone back and forth from Cheeto to MacGyver to Oliver to Rocky. He is a sweet little boy who loves bath time, almost as much as his sister loves dinner time and nap time. The two of them are adorable, and they both purr really loud. Tonight they had their first solid dinner of turkey (with some formula mixed in), and there was quite a bit of carnage. Needless to say, they loved it.

All right, enough reading. You want to see how cute they are!


Our Little Man

Matilda again. She seems to be the thinker of the two.

The little orange boy, so tired after eating that he’s falling asleep standing up

My mom’s bulldog, Hollis, the 75 pound kitten! He stormed the bathroom while we were feeding the kittens. He likes to be around the kitties, and he expects us to treat him like a kitten too.


I have some other pictures, but I didn’t bring the cord for my camera, so those a just a few quick ones I took with my mom’s camera.

And before you go, if you have a name suggestion for the little orange kitty, please leave a comment!


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on July 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “+kittens!+”

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  2. o lawd. they’re -superfly-. my suggestion for the orange one is captain squinty eyes the third. take it or leave it.

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