+the thrillseekers: nightmusic volume 3+

Not long ago, I ordered myself a couple of trance albums, one of which was Nightmusic Volume 3 by The Thrillseekers. I was eager to get it, having enjoyed the two previous Nightmusic efforts, and knowing that The Thrillseekers simply make good trance music and trance mixes. Now that I’ve been able to make my way through the double CD collection a couple times, I thought I’d write a review for everybody because I still don’t feel like The Thrillseekers is getting the credit he deserves for all his terrific work! (For those who don’t know, despite the plural name, The Thrillseekers is only a one man show, aka, Steve Helstrip.)

The first disc starts off with a couple of pleasant, melodic trance tracks. After only a few songs in, though, the sound turns way more progressive and techy. This is certainly not my favorite style of trance, but The Thrillseekers does a nice job of mixing these songs in with more traditional songs. This keeps the mix balanced between the two styles instead of just catering to fans of one of the other. For me, Disc 1 picks up and really starts to get good near the end, starting with “Embrace (Ferry Fix)” by Embrace. Before I had listened to the whole album, this song came on my iPod shuffle in the car, and I made sure to take notice of which song it was. The sounds blew me away, as is the case with one of the other final tracks on Disc 1, “Smack” by Simon Patterson.

Disc 2 covers the same ground, featuring vocal and progressive trance while adding some tranquil, mellow breakdowns in key places. The Thrillseekers has saved the best for last on the second disc, with heavy trance hitters such as “Big Sky” by John O’Callaghan, “By Your Side” by the artist himself, and “Perfect” by Markus Schulz. “Horizon” by Breakfast is a beautiful track that appears toward the end, and oh my God, does this disc ever end with a whale of a song. “Bulldozer” (yet another fantastic track from Simon Patterson) is just crazy. It accelerates wildly up to the apex of the song, and just when you’re expecting the track to flourish and smooth itself out, it comes to a dead halt, followed by a nasty bassline that takes you to the end of the set.

Overall, these are definitely some fun mixes to listen to, and a couple certainly got me dancing in my chair at the computer. My only complaint would be that some of the remixes of the tracks are not the best. I much prefer the Agnelli & Nelson remix of “Big Sky,” which appears on Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion 2008, because it has a harder, dancier beat. The remix of “By Your Side” that appears here makes the song sound like a regular pop song, and it feels a touch out of place on the disc. All in all, though, this is a nice double CD to add to your collection. I’d probably rank it as better than volume 2 but not as good as 1, but that’s just after a few listens early on. I will definitely be spinning this one many more times.


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on October 7, 2008.

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  1. […] simply on the power of each individual song being so good. You can find my full review of the set here. Favorite track: Simon Patterson – Bulldozer Other goodies: John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey […]

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