+mr sam’s opus secundo+

It still feels like a lot of trance fans, especially stateside, still don’t know who Mr Sam is.  American trance fans all know Oakenfold, Tiesto, and Armin, but I’m telling you guys, Mr Sam is worth your time and money.

As much as I enjoyed his artist album Lyteo, it was his DJ mix, Opus, that really got me fired up. Mr Sam’s style of mixing incorporates lots of beautiful melodies and world sounds. It’s not your typical, run of the mill trance music, but it’s not so far removed from the genre that trance fans won’t identify with it. Opus was my third favorite album of 2007, so when I found out he was releasing a sequel, I rejoiced.

Opus Secundo is a very good mix. I’ll be honest—I haven’t listened to it enough times continuously to be in a state of adoration about it yet, but I have heard enough to sing its praises. This second mix seems a bit more subdued than its predecessor, but it still has that hallmark Mr Sam beauty and grace. Not surprisingly, the best tracks on the two discs are by Mr Sam himself. One of these is “Seven 7 Seven,” which uses some terrific sounds and always catches my attention. My favorite track of the collection, however is “Cygnes” by Mr Sam feat. clAud9. This track is simply amazing. No matter what I’m doing, I start to groove. It starts off with a sinister bassline before unfolding into a delicate flower of airy vocals. It breaks down beautifully and then builds back up with gusto in classic trance style. Easily one of the best trance songs I’ve heard this year, and I think the best DJs in the world would agree with me—Tiesto himself is spinning it in his live sets, and Armin has been playing on A State of Trance.

In conclusion, go buy something by Mr Sam. He’s making some uplifting trance and deserves a lot of credit for moving this genre in an exciting new direction.

I leave you with a live rendition of “Cygnes.”  Enjoy.


~ by Jennifer Cunningham on October 22, 2008.

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  1. […] because this mix is so outstanding. For a full review of this double disc set, click here. Favorite track: Mr Sam feat. ClAud9 – Cygnes Other goodies: Mr Sam – Seven 7 Seven; Arnej – The […]

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