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Apparently Frankenstein mixes were all the rage in 2006, but I had never heard of them until recently.  (For those who don’t know, you follow all sorts of random criteria to come up with a mix that doesn’t quite work as a whole.) I wanted to do one, nonetheless, and our dear blogger friend over at The Dwarf and the Basilisk (also known as my boyfriend) has agreed to make one as well. Check out his blog to see what he came up with. Mine is below. I think you’ll find that we have quite divergent tastes. Also, I should add that I have limited myself to one song per artist just to keep things more interesting. Otherwise this thing would be just a bunch of U2 songs…

1. A song from the year you graduated high school
Sponge – ‘Plowed’
After looking through Rate Your Music‘s list of the top singles of 1995, this is the song I chose. I vividly remember borrowing this album from my boss at the pizza place that summer and listening to it way too much. And considering it released was 14 years ago, I’m pleasantly surprised to still like this song.

2. A song that reminds you of your first relationship
Beastie Boys – ‘Fight for Your Right’
I’m not sure having a ‘boyfriend’ in the fourth grade counts as a relationship, but… I had a boyfriend named Todd Peterson, and I can remember him loaning me a Beastie Boys tape. That was pretty much the extent of our relationship. For the fourth grade, it was pretty serious.


3. A song with handclaps
Radiohead – ‘We Suck Young Blood’
Not only does this song have handclaps, but they are also the most apathetic handclaps I have ever heard.

4. A song that lasts one minute or less
AFI – ‘Hearts Frozen Solid, Thawed Once More by the Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness’
A glorious song that clocks in at 31 seconds, which is almost the amount of time it takes to say the title. The lyrics? I will die screaming!

5. A b-side or non-album track
Mansun – ‘The Gods of Not Very Much’
There are only a few artists for whom I actively seek out b-sides and rarities, and most of them appear elsewhere on this mix. It all worked out, though, when I remembered that I had a ton of Mansun b-sides. I’m not exactly a huge Mansun fan, but of all their songs I’ve heard, my two favorites are in fact b-sides, including this one.

6. The best song from a favorite band’s worst album
My Chemical Romance – ‘Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us’
MCR fans should not take this the wrong way, as I do very much love their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. But compared to their next two albums, it is a bit inconsistent and can take a while to appreciate. This song, however, is a brilliant piece of work and an amazing Fuck You Break-up Song.

7. A song you would call Beatlesque
U2 – ‘Wild Honey’
That’s two Honey songs in a row, for those scoring at home. I had a lot of problems with this one, mostly because I don’t listen to the Beatles, and therefore have no clue what a Beatles song sounds like, really. But I do remember everyone saying this song sounded like the Beatles when All That You Can’t Leave Behind came out. It makes me sad to include it on this mix, because there are so many other places I could have used my U2 song. My boyfriend pointed out that all I had to do was use any Oasis song in this slot, but by then, the mix was done.


8. A live version of a song you think is better than the “original” studio track
Faithless – ‘We Come 1’
This song is played live on the best of the Glastonbury festival DVD that I have, and it is mindblowing. The crowd is going absolutely nuts, yelling “We come one” over and over. And it’s not that the studio version is lacking in any way, but the live version is one of those rare moments where the band and crowd are united in the joy of the music. At the end of the song, Maxi Jazz even says he’ll never forget it as long as he lives.

9. A favorite song from a genre or style you usually don’t like
Slowdive – ‘When the Sun Hits’
As far as I’m concerned, the entire Shoegaze/Dream Pop genre can go fuck itself. But I do like this song.

10. A song from a place where English is not the primary language or a song in a language you don’t speak
Deep Forest – ‘Sweet Lullaby’
When you are a fan of Deep Forest, you have lots of options in this category. The songs from their debut album happen to be recorded in various languages (most from the area of central Africa), and this one is, according to wikipedia, sung in the Baegu language, which is native to the Soloman Islands. Apparently English is the official language of the Soloman Islands, but I certainly don’t speak Baegu. If you’ve never heard this song, I can’t recommend it enough for its beauty and simplicity. And as a side note, my roomate and I used to listen to this album to help us relax every night when we went to sleep.


11. A song with “sun” in the title / a song that makes you think of summer
People in Planes – ‘Tonight the Sun Will Rise’
I have lots of ‘sun’ songs, but I had to go with some People in Planes. This band is making some exciting music, and y’all need to check them out. This is one of the standout tracks on their latest album, Beyond the Horizon. And that’s the end of my People in Planes advertisement.

12. An old song that you only heard for the first time this year
Dredg – ‘Ode to the Sun’
And now we have three ‘sun’ songs on this mix, with two in a row. Since the year is only 24 days old, I’m glad I had a song to put in this slot at all. I heard this song for the first time today, and I was impressed. I definitely will be looking into this band some more.

13. A song from the last CD you bought
The Killers – ‘Spaceman’
Finally someone writes a catchy pop song about alien abduction!


14. A song whose title is a question
Royksopp – ‘What Else Is There?’
I’ve got over 90 question songs on my iTunes, but this has got to be the most beautiful one. Easily my favorite Royksopp tune.

15. A cover you like more than the original
Tori Amos – ‘Time’
With apologies to my friend Ben, I just can’t listen to Leonard Cohen. But thank God, Tori Amos covers his songs so beautifully. This one is my favorite, with ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ a close second. Actually, almost every cover Tori does (and she does a lot) is better than the original.

16. If your life was a TV show, this song would be the theme song
Manic Street Preachers – ‘Die in the Summertime’
Let’s just say, it wouldn’t be a comedy.

17. A sexy song
Deftones – ‘Digital Bath’
Good Lord, this song is amazingly sexy and yet it still rocks so much. The same can be said of about ten other Deftones songs, but this is my favorite of the bunch.

18. A song without words
Push – ‘Strange World’
This was a tough one for me, since I listen to so much trance music, about half of which is non-vocal. But this was the first song that made me realize that non-vocal trance could be just as amazing as vocal trance, so I’m proud to include it here.

19. A song where the artist has your name or your name is in the title
Hole – ‘Jennifer’s Body’
I had a couple of songs to choose from here, but I always loved this one. The lyrics are so creepy and dark.

20. A song by the first or most recent artist you paid to see in concert
Placebo – ‘Blind’
I have chosen to go with the most recent artist option here. I’ve seen Placebo three times live now, and the last time, I developed a new appreciation for this song, so much so that it is now one of my favorite Placebo songs, which is saying a lot because of how much I adore this band.

21. A song that makes you cry
Antony and The Johnsons – ‘The Atrocities’
I can’t describe in words how painfully beautiful this song is. Both of my Antony albums have gotten me through a lot of sad days, and this song is one of his masterpieces.

22. A 7th song from a CD you like
30 Seconds to Mars – ‘From Yesterday’
Everybody hates this band because Jared Leto is the singer (and he’s so much prettier than all of us, as you can clearly see below), but I love this band and think they make some terrific music. I’ve got over 600 CDs to choose my track 7 from, but I’m comfortable putting 30STM on here. Even though the video for this song is ridiculous, the song is excellent and makes a nice closer for this mix.



~ by Jennifer Cunningham on January 25, 2009.

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