“High and low culture are equally fascinating, but you can’t just do one or the other. You must do both.” -Mark Lawson

Hello, all.

Welcome to my blog here at wordpress. I had a different one at another site for over a year, but when that service died, all my hard work and blog posts died with it. So I’m here for a fresh start.

This blog mostly concerns music–what I’m listening to, what I’m buying, videos I’m into, flashbacks to songs I haven’t listened to in years, new information on my favorite artists, and all that good stuff.

And just a note about myself… I’m a Latin and Greek teacher by day, yoga instructor by night. I consider myself a rogue Sanskrit scholar as well. My favorite beverage is cream soda. My favorite NASCAR driver is Juan Pablo Montoya. My favorite bands are Manic Street Preachers, Placebo, U2, and My Chemical Romance, and my favorite color is pink. I also listen to a ridiculous amount of trance music. Anything else you want to know, just holla.

Hope you enjoy the blog. 🙂


4 Responses to “About”

  1. hey, would that other one happen to be, efx2? cause’ i think i know you from there lol. you usually blog about music and related things.

    (refresher: i made fun of good ol’ Phil Collins in one of your posts) =P

  2. Yes indeed, I am an efx2 refugee. And I do believe I remember you from the Phil Collins Fiasco of 2007. Ah, precious memories. 😛

  3. ever thought about being an editor or columnist? you do know you have a knack for writing about these stuff. just my thought though; you don’t have to listen heheh.

    they have it back up now. not sure if it’s still wordpress-format but they’ve restored their domain. i’ve registered a username but not a blog cause’ i signed-up for an account (here) last Summer as an alternate. i’m trying to figure out how to send a message to the respective author of a wordpress blog. do you know how to do that? i’m still getting the hang of wp’s complexity here, my apologies.

  4. Haha, actually I used to be an editor, but I’ve never considered myself a decent writer. So thanks for saying that. 🙂

    I thought about going back to efx2 and even signed up to get my old posts back, but when it never sent me the password to activate my new account, I figured that was a sign to stay here where it’s more reliable. I haven’t figured out how to send messages either, but if I do I’ll let you know.

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